Acting upon its role as a communication facilitator and knowing that speaking other languages is a key factor in this process, ONOMA provides English classes to all those that consider this language as an asset for their professional performance. But are these English classes just like any other available in the market? Obviously not! We have created customized classes, with specific contents adapted to the professional area of the learner (doctors, pharmacists, engineers...) and their needs at every moment, always relying on the expertise of qualified teachers. We have exactly what you need.

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Any foreign citizen in a top position in Portugal feels the need for communicating with his/her pears on the same level. And this is exactly where ONOMA can be an important partner, with individual and customized PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE classes for company officials and diplomats. We have designed “customized” classes, which means that they will be provided considering the needs and the specific context of each learner, with a communication and action-oriented approach. Come and perfect your Portuguese with us.

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We ensure that your text is correctly translated

Onoma develops its activities in accordance to the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001:2008 norm.
Onoma is a member of the Portuguese Association of Translation Companies and member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies.
Being a member of APET proves that Onoma abides by good business practices, supplying quality services and collaborating proactively in the training of new translators.

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Conference call service
(+351) 213 929 590 or (+351) 213 929 596

The audio conferencing service allows you to hold conferences with three or more participants using a fixed or mobile telephone connection, in Portugal or abroad.
It is a good alternative to face meetings, when people and teams are geographically distant or moving
Simultaneous interpretation through telephone connection, creates the conditions for rapid and effective exchange of information within and outside the company.

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Translation and interpretation services

Onoma is a Portuguese translation company providing translation, interpretation, subtitling, transcription and DTP services.
Onoma process all information and quotation requests as quickly as possible. Please fill in the form, requesting quotations for translations and interpretation services.

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«I would like to thank you for all your effort and dedication, particularly in this last job, considering the very limited time span. Congratulations to the entire ONOMA Team.»

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«Thank you for your prompt delivery of the translated texts.»
«Considering the minor alterations and the praising comments, I would like to congratulate your for your excellent work!»
«Thank you for the translated texts (...). I must say that your work has exceeded my expectations.»
«… I would also like to thank you for the excellent translation of the catalogue “The Sea, contemplation and journey”.»

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Successful projects require not only a high competence, but also time, dedication and commitment. At Onoma you will find just that: a committed partner for successful projects.

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